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Chapter 1 REVAMP + NEWS
Chapter 1 REVAMP + NEWS

New friendships and experiences blossom when Jamie, a young hopeless romantic, bumps into Aiden, a socially inept pretty boy (with his own set of problems) in this coming of age story with themes of: Identity, peer pressure, heartbreak, sacrifice and the difficult journey to self acceptance.


February 7th, 2017, 11:46 pm


Ways that YOU can support Jamie!

Hey darlings!
I haven't written a news post in a while, and I don't really plan to hahah.
I'm not too active on smackjeeves simply because of the interface (but the update has really made it a lot nicer and easier to chat!) and I have at tumblr too but...again, its not ideal other than for update reminders and fanart sharing <3

If you want to keep in touch with me and stay updated with news or art streams, and extras content you might usually miss - then consider my witter @jamiewebcomic - https://twitter.com/jamiewebcomic

I also wanted to talk about ways that you can support me as one of the artists you might kind of dig ;)

You can read about your loads of options here, in a really cute comic I made for tapastic - https://tapastic.com/episode/561973
or read below in boring old text!

Other than your amazing comments and interactions as readers, did you know you can support me and other artists further without spending a dime of your own money?

If you consider reading Jamie over on Tapastic you can contribute passively through ad revenue, which Tapastic offers to artists like ME but only when you read on their site! (so long as you disable adblocker on their site - there are only 3 little tiny ads on each page, barely noticeable and totally safe)

I really love interact with you all here but in order to help me a little bit, to continue working on Jamie and future comics, I need readership on Tapastic ;u;.
And a nice thing about it is, a lot of the comics you know and love here are also on Tapastic, so you can be helping those artists out as well <3

Another way is through the tapastic app
[ Iphone - https://goo.gl/bQ5X4 I ] [ google play - https://goo.gl/nCEEEu ]
Where you choose to watch ads for coins and tip me directly!
(I usually just play ads while I'm doing something on my computer, and tip at the end of the day)
It really really helps, readers tipped over $200 last month!

If you've got only $1 a month to budget through paypal or a debit/credit card, you can support on Patreon [ https://goo.gl/ZjkLl9 ] for updates of Jamie on TUESDAYS instead of Fridays,

For $3 you get access to my art feed, which will most likely never see the light of day hahaha, (there are tons) - I actually have 3 other comics that I want to create, and I post behind the scenes art for them sometimes!

For $5, you get to read pages of Jamie AS they're completed on a private blog.

For $10, you get a icon of yourself to show how generous you are on the front page of the patreon, and a montly chibi commissions (the price already is a $5 discount of my commission price)

and for $25, just the same as $10 except FULL body commissions and bust icons of you, bigger is better! - not to mention THESE ARE LIMITED TO 10 SUPPORTERS so first come first serve! (the price here too is already $5 discount of my commission price.)

Lastly, there is always commissions which I am always offering (though sometimes limited) that you can read about here! - https://goo.gl/25Wu5i

Well, that's it. I really want to continue drawing for you guys, but ist only possible because of the readers that have been so generous in their donations and support.

Thank you so much! <3
Love, NDGO

Don't forget, we can chat up on twitter!


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June 12th, 2015, 1:59 am


Response to Survey ...responses!

Alright so I've been reading the feedback from the survey and I want to write a response. I really appreciate all of you taking your time to fill out the paragraph spots as well!

>>The topic of Pacing was asking more about the story progression but a lot of people mentioned how they wished I would update more often, but this is not my full time job and while I wish it was, I would be out on the streets in weeks haha <3 So, because I would like to progress the story a tad quicker, I'm going to have to change to grey scale or a limited palette. Color takes a lot of time and I love that most responses gave extreme support of my current style and coloring but, It isn't realistic to want color and quicker story. Sorry. I'll also try to post a couple pages at a time if there is dialogue that trails together. The only problem that might run into is running out of buffer, quicker.

>> Extra art will no longer be posted on Tapastic/Smackjeeves, they will be on Jamie's twitter (jamiewebcomic) and Tumblr (jamie-comic) ,

>> Jamie will remain in print format

>> Scheduled livestreams may become a thing in the future, but I will have to think up interesting content????

>> I'd like to thank those of you that went the extra mile and gave me very great constructive criticism. Hearing from your personal experiences with comics and storytelling really helped me out. Thanks for being understanding. As you know, "Jamie" is a very young comic/story and because of the pace of the story and frequency of updates, it seems even slower than it should, but we'll be picking up speed.

While I wish that I'd tackled the beginning of Jamie differently, I DID start it 2 years ago with a lot of time between chapters, so a lot has changed.
Anyway, thanks again! Sorry for the looong ass post. You dont have to read it but I just wanted to let you guys know that I read each and every response from the survey!


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May 31st, 2015, 1:15 pm


Long update is long....

Hey guys, I’m probably going to have to do another small hiatus after next week. While I’ve got a bunch of pages in progress and really close to being completed, I really need to take a step back and evaluate my position in life. Seeing as Nickelodeon didn’t happen (But being a semifinalist really motivated me!) I am going to dedicate a few months into saving up money, getting a car, and finding a new job that isn’t limited to “can I bike there?” This will give me time to thumb and sketch future chapters so its not like I wont be working on Jamie at all but I feel like I’m struggling to make deadlines even when I have weeks of buffer queued up. I want to be confident in the story that I am publishing, and not just making it up. I don’t think that Jamie is going to be stopped, just made better!

I need to evaluate my goals, and find a happy place because without friends, a social life or the freedom of driving, I have become pretty down and out. I’ve lost my sense of purpose and my state of mind has shifted since I moved, and I hadn’t even realized it.

But my best friend from Michigan is going to be visiting for a month from June to July and I cant wait to see her, it’ll really be a booster! ;u;

I am still fairly new to California, and I want to get on my feet more, making a little more money to put into savings and so that I don’t have to settle just because I don’t have a car. I wanna shoot for a job with animals or something at a zoo! I’m really tired of customer service, it is just mind numbing.

Anyway, wish me luck and I hope that this doesn’t take too long, but I have to concentrate on a few other things for a little while. I’m sorry!


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April 26th, 2015, 2:48 am



I don't really know if anyone ever reads these, because Im sure there is no notifications, however

THIS IS IMPORTANT FOR YOU BECAUSE I think what I wanna send out the first appreciation postcards to my supporters on Tapastic!
I know I know, that doesn't include you dudes on Smackjeeves but its good news because I'm thinking of holding a 5 winner raffle for the readers of tapastic and smackjeeves as well!

I really wanna do this but let me know what you guys want?! Will ya'll be into this kinda thing, and like willing to participate?
More information will be posted *u* Have a good day!


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March 28th, 2015, 11:13 pm



Oh man, Chapter 5 is all done with (line art and base color) now I just gotta add final details, and dialogue and queue them up. JAMIE WILL BE BACK AS SCHEDULED on April 3rd!!!

Thank you for being patient with me, and I love each and every one of you >uo I look forward to the come back.


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February 8th, 2015, 12:00 pm


Coming to the end of Chapter 4

Hey my loves,
I see that the comic has reached 1000 fans here on Smackjeeves, and I cant put into words what it means to me to have you all enjoy my comic =']

I'd like to celebrate by having a livestream today at 11 pst (2pm est) where everyone is invited! I'll love to speak to you guys and kindle relationships.
Where you can ask questions and watch the progress of Jamie illustrations.

I'll be posting an update with a link about 10:40a pst so keep an eye out for it, and see you there!


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December 13th, 2014, 11:18 pm


Moved into California!

Oh my god, guys! We hit a wicked 666 fans today on smackjeeves and an amazing 1,500+ fans on tapastic! and I am in awe. thank you so much! I just landed in California today, and I'll be trying to get comfortable, and then work on the comic asap!

Recently, I did lose a chunk of the next chapter but Im in a healthier environment, so it shouldn't be too hard to get up on it again. I also get to talk to the co-writer tomorrow, and Im so excited to further the plot.

If you guys enjoy Jamie maybe in the future you'd consider contributing a buck or two towards a pateron or help on tapastic even. Hell I am honestly content with just having you guys comment and reading, but if I want to continue to work on this as much as I can I will need support + my day job. But thats not important for now, right now I just want to thank you all!

anyway, thats all news for another day, wish me luck, ill be back and active asap! <3
thank you again. it means the world to me! lets look forward to 2015!


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October 16th, 2014, 2:45 pm


Chapter 3 is rolling fast...

and I cant believe the feed back. You guys are amazing and so supportive, thank you!

Ahhh so I have a lot of the next chapter scripted and thumb-nailed, but its a slow process, because it is pretty much a 1.5 man team. My co-writer? is in full time schooling and its hecka stressful on the poor girl.

But I have this cute comic planned out, as a request from last year, before the comic started getting posted, and I really cant wait to bring it to you guys but its NEW YEARS RELATED ahhhhh~!

Also! if you guys do have any requests of the cast, or any questions, I can answer them for you, or you can even ask the characters themselves. I cant wait to play along with them, and for interest to rise.

So far, we have up chapter 3 page 5 up, and the next page posts tomorrow~<3, the month is going by so fast, I cant keep up!

Ill be more likely to post and keep up on the tumblr (@ jamie-comic.tubmlr.com ) so if you would like to follow the blog that would be awesome~!!

And lastly, the blog The Slash Pile (@http://theslashpile.tumblr.com) has featured Jamie on their archive of other LGBTQ comics, so if you'd like to check that out, it might pique your interest!

Love, Bre


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